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A conversation about Hor’s D’ourves- Something Different

Garage Cookin’ is participating in the upcoming Hors D’oeuvres contest, competing against the likes of Zack Bruell and Johnny’s Steakhouse on Fulton Avenue. Pretty solid competition, and I need something to show these seasoned chefs that cookin’ in the garage can be good cookin’ too. So, I’m thinking about something that can be pre-made (there’s no cookin’ at the competition itself), that travels well, and that knocks your socks off with taste. Here’s what I’m thinkin’…

Mini-Meatloaf Cakes, Piped with Garlic Mashed Potato icing, (or sweet potato), drizzled with a bit of brown gravy, garnished with roasted red pepper, chives and crumbled bacon.  
Pulled pork authentic-style Mexican tamales.
Mini-Baked Potatoes topped with Garage Chili
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Spring is Here – Time for a Grillin' Tune Up!

Griller Garage Cookin MascotIt’s that time of year, to pull out your Weber, and get it ready for the upcoming grillin’ year.

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