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Garage Cookin - Mike DowningGarage Cookin’ is the story of an average guy, Mike Downing, who whips up outstanding meals, all in his 2- car garage. During the day, you’re likely to find Mike in a hard-hat working on construction projects throughout Northeast Ohio. But come dinner time, Mike trades in his hammer and screw gun for a skillet and chef's knife. That’s when the magic of Garage Cookin’ begins. From specialty dishes such braised lamb shank, rack of venison or salmon canopies, to classics such as chili, ribs and the ultimate steak, there’s no dish too daunting for Mike and Garage Cookin’.

Garage Cookin - GarageAlready featured on Chuck Galeti’s Sports Time Ohio sports talk show, Ed Flash Ferenc’s Nationally syndicated radio program, American Work Force, and as a guest chef at the NARI Home Improvement show, Garage Cookin’ is quickly receiving some notable local and national attention. Future appearances on the local and national premier cooking circuit are already planned. 
Garage Cookin - Spice RackUltimately, this is a story about delicious food, made at the hands of a carpenter, who at home has two boys and a wife. As the family continued to grow, his kids essentially “kicked him out,” by taking over the basement and the TV (unless he wanted to watch SpongeBob SquarePants).  So, Mike eyed the perfect ‘kitchen makeover’ in the garage.  Eventually, the entire neighborhood gravitated to his 2-car garage for great food! What you see in our videos is Mike at his best. Average guy, outstanding cookin’… all in the garage. Enjoy!

Spring is Here – Time for a Grillin' Tune Up!

Griller Garage Cookin MascotIt’s that time of year, to pull out your Weber, and get it ready for the upcoming grillin’ year.

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